How to Draw Tank the Tortoise, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


First things first, we'll start off with a base for him. We'll start off with a dome for his body and an oval for his head with a connecting line for his neck and lines coming down for his legs.


From there we'll move on to drawing the shape of his head. the neck starts out thin then widens suddenly for the head and comes around on top. His upper lip comes over his lower one and comes to a point before curving back.


Now we'll draw his shell, drawing out the lip between his back and his belly and drawing the opening for his head.


Then we'll draw out his legs, starting out narrow and then making them wider as we go down and the drawing a slight curve along the bottom for his feet.


Now we'll draw out his wrinkles, toes and draw his nose hole and his droopy eyes.


Now to make him 20% cooler. We'll give him his propeller strapped on to his back and give him his goggles so that he can fly.


There you go, Tank the Tortoise. I hope you all liked this tutorial!

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November 22, 2011

Description: Hey everyone, I'm back again and with another My Little Pony related tutorial that I'm sure all you bronies out there will enjoy. I have a tutorial on the super awesome Tank the tortoise this week. Tank is from the 7th episode of season two so if you want to know more about him then you'll just have to watch the episode because I'm not about to put spoilers in here and ruin things for people. So get ready and we'll get started on him.

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