How to Draw Human Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony


First things first, start by drawing a round shape for her head and then sketch in a facial guideline.


The next thing you will need to do is sketch out the shape of her face using the circle you drew in step one. Draw in the hair line like so, then you're done.


Next up, draw the thick bold line for the top eye lid like so, then draw a circle for the eyeball. Draw in thin eyebrows, then add a mouth and her ear. Sketch in the inside detailing to Rainbow's ear before you leave.


I tried to make her hair look like a human form of a horse mane. I think I may have accomplished what I intended. Continue the lining for her hair, but when you do this make sure that her bangs have some nice thick spikes like you see in front of you   


Rainbow Dash's face and hair is complete. We will turn our attentions to something else like drawing her body. Start by drawing the shoulder, then follow the same lining to make the arched or curvy shaped back. Give her a behind, then draw in her arm   


Draw the tail of her scarf, then add the striped lines. Sketch in a seam line down the side of her jeans as well as give her another leg and foot. Draw rainbow's hands then your done here.


Lastly, draw a rock or whatever you choose to have Rainbow Dash sit on. Add the detailing to the rock as well as folds. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is what your human version of Rainbow Dash looks like when you're done. Color her in using bright, vibrant colors.

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May 26, 2012

Description: I know everyone has been wanting me to make some human versions of their favorite My Little Pony characters and after contemplating whether or not I will fill such needs, I went ahead and decided yeah, definitely. So what I have here for you is a lesson that will teach you "how to draw human Rainbow Dash", step by step. I absolutely love how she came out and one of the things that makes me smile when I look at this drawing, is her hair, face expression and her childish pose. I truly had so much fun creating a new version on one of My Little Pony's more popular figures. So enjoy the fun and be sure that you have tons of time so you can tackle this lesson with ease. Adios people and enjoy!

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