How to Draw Ninja Eyes, Ninja Eyes


Begin drawing out the catty looking eyes you see here. I chose to go with girl eyes, but you can choose to make mens eyes.


Here you will draw in the water line for the inside of the eyes like so. Once that is done draw in the iris' as well as color in the pupils. Add another detail line for the lid.


The eyebrows are nice and thin, but neatly combed too. Sketch out the eyebrows using a stroke motion that creates hair. When that is done add in the top and bottom lashes.


Now it's time to draw out the mask opening like so. Make sure that the face below the eyes is covered. This will form the ninja mask effect.


Lightly sketch in the detailing to the mask which is the creases, folds, and wrinkles on the mask. Draw and define the nose like you see here, and add definition around the eyes. Clean up the drawing by erasing the mistakes.


When you add a little shading your line art should come out looking like the drawing you see here.


Light shade in the exposed part of the face which is just the screen of her eyes. Shade until you have a darkened grey tone to the ninja. As you can see some areas on the face seem darker and lighter.


Continue to color in the ninja by getting her mask solid. The mask should be a blackish grey color. All dark tones are needed to make the color of the eyes stand out.


If you like ice blue, color in the eyes that color. Some other colors to consider are blood orange, red, green, yellow or even a crystal purple.

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July 7, 2012

Description: I know that some of you have been waiting for this tutorial on "how to draw ninja eyes", step by step. I was browsing through some of the drawings I made looking for ninja eyes but I didn't find any. Because of this I wanted to create something that would both be memorable, interesting, and breathe taking. I looked at some ninja art for reference and combined a few different looks. In the end I think that this drawing came out super. I love how piercing the eyes look, and how captivating they are. This is going to be a super simple lesson to follow because I made sure to make the steps easy to understand. I can't wait to draw more eyes in a very creative, simple form. If you have any ideas for a cool set of eyes, let me know and I will consider the idea to turn it into a lesson. Adios people and enjoy drawing ninja eyes.

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