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How to Draw the Eye of Horus

Artist: melanie_oregon / May 9, 2012
How to Draw the Eye of Horus

Step 1.

First, draw the outline of the eye.

Step 2.

Then draw a little curly thing coming off the bottom.

Step 3.

Then draw a little triangle resembling Snape's nose.

Step 4.

Then draw the inside of the eye.

Step 5.

Next, thicken the curly line.

Step 6.

Now fill in the Eye of Horus.

Step 7.

Using an airbrush, make a shadow behind the Eye of Horus, and some decorations, too.

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Artist: melanie_oregon
Date Added: May 9, 2012
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Tags: draw eyes
Description: Here is how to draw the Eye of Horus.