How to Draw Blue Beetle, Young Justice, Blue Beetle

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Make an egg like circle for the head, then draw in the facial and body guideline.


Sketch out the actual shape of Blue Beetle's face making sure that the chin is squared. Draw the back of the neck, then you're done here.


We will focus on working on the facials for Blue Beetle's mask design. I started at the top where the V shaped is drawn on the forehead. Next, draw out the eye shapes like so as well as the design lining that forms this unique pattern on the mask. Ma   


Working on the torso next. First, draw in the rest of the neck, then draw in the shoulders, and arms of his body. Make the detailing lines that will form the sharp shape of the upper body like the arms.


Draw in more detail to expose the arms, then draw the definition of the toned chest. You will make the picture of a beetle on the center of his chest like you see here.


Make the horn like shapes on his back which will also be part of his wings. Finish drawing Blue Beetle's body by sketching out the right side of his rib cage and right arm. If you want to draw in the wings, go right ahead. I didn't add them in the tu   


One you have erased your mistakes, the drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. grab your coloring tools to begin the coloring process.

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July 7, 2012

Description: There is a super awesome looking character that is now part of the Justice League. This lesson is going to show you "how to draw Blue Beetle", step by step. Even though the image of this character looks like an alien, Blue Beetle is actually a human. His real name is Jaime Reyes, and he is a teenaged Hispanic boy that looks rather normal when he is not in his full getup as the Beetle. What is cool about the Blue Beetle is his ability to control the beetle like wings on his back as well as the ability to transform his legs and arms into a weapon of his choice. Jaime's personality is described as being relaxed, patient, and sometimes quite when he's not talking to himself. When he is caught talking to himself, it's actually the Blue Beetle Scarab that talks to Jaime. The character design is cool which means you will enjoy drawing Blue Beetle too. I will be back with one last lesson for you all so try to stay tuned in to see what I will upload next. Peace out people!

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