How to Draw Mutant Charmander


Make two shapes, one for the head and other for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Define the shape of mutant Charmander's face like so, and be sure to add a few dripping pieces of flesh pouring from his face.


In a melted state, draw the shapes of the deformed eyes, and mouth. You will then add some melting detailing on the head.


Proceed on with drawing out the mutated melted looking body. Notice how the limbs almost blend in with the body.


Sketch out more of Charmander's mutant body shape like so, then add some holes and drips.


You will now draw out the legs and feet like so, then add the wavy lining to form the melted flesh.


Lastly, sketch out the long charred tail, and be sure to still draw in the flaming tuft at the tip of Charmander's tail. Erase your mistakes.


Once you've drawn all the steps, make sure you review your drawing to be sure that there's accurate proportions. Once you've done that, ink your drawing and you're all set. Thanks so much for viewing, guys!

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September 4, 2013

Description: I have three mutated versions of some popular Pokemon characters that have been around since the start of the series. First, we will learn "how to draw mutant Charmander", step by step. I really don't know why I made these character in a melted lava like form, all I know is that they all came out cool and I know they will be a big hit. Besides, isn't Halloween right around the corner anyway? Drawing a mutant version of Charmander will definitely make someones borning day more exciting. Enjoy folks and stay tuned in to see the other two.

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