How to Draw Sandslash, Pokemon


What you are going to do first is draw out the head of Sandslash. On the top of the head should be two spikes, and two ears. Notice how the design looks on the base of the ear. According to the guidelines, Sandslash is facing the right.


Now draw another strand of Sandslash's hair in the middle of his head. It angles like the guidelines. Then draw out two curved lines near the eye region. Under them will be his eyes.


On the strand of fur you just drew, draw a zigzagged line on the left of it, and a curved line on the right. Now were moving on the eyes. Draw a half of a circle that connects from the curved lines you drew last step. Then add the shines to his eye.


You are done with the head, now draw out the oval body of Sandslash. Make sure you are able to draw the little neck part. Then draw the belly of Sandslash.


Now draw a small circular shoulder in the middle of Sandslash's body. Then draw out the curved arm of Sandslash connecting from the shoulder. Near the ears should be where Sandslash's arm should be. They shouldn't overlap, and on the arm below, whate   


Now you have to draw out Sandlash's nails. On the left should be two circular like marks followed by two blades. On his other hand should be two boxy like marks near the base. The blade should be stubby while the nail behind it is covered.


After drawing out Sandslash's arms, draw out a circle with the top and bottom erased. It should go near the bottom of Sandslash's body, then erase anything that overlaps (in yellow). Near the edge of the circle should connect to Sandlash's arm.


Below the legs you just drew should be the feet. The left side should be longer while the one on the right is stubby.


Similar to the hand's nails, draw out the toes of Sandslash, it is almost like doing the same step again, and just erase whatever overlaps.


Now draw out the tail and a strand of fur near his shoulder. For the fur, erase whatever overlaps. The tail and fur are almost the same exact thing.


Now draw out four spikes on the back of Sandslash. As the go from top to bottom, they will go from big, to smaller.


For the final step of Sandslash, draw two strands of fur above his left ear, and two strands in-between the bottom strands you drew before.


You are done! This is what your drawing should look like. If you missed any parts, use this step to help.

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August 30, 2013

Description: Hello everybody, today I will be teaching you how to draw the Pokemon, Sandslash. Before I get into anything, this was requested by my good friend, Charmanderswagg. Sandslash is a Pokemon that made it's first appearance in the Kanto Region. This Pokemon is also the evolution after Sandshrew. Sandslash's typing is the ground type. I think Sandslash is a really cool pokemon in my opinion. Despite how cool the Pokemon is, the design of Sandslash looks awesome. Sandslash does actually represent a hedgehog or porcupine. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, and leave comments on how you think about it. :) Please no mean comments.

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