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How to Draw Mos Def, Mos Def

Artist: MichaelY / May 31, 2013
How to Draw Mos Def, Mos Def

Step 1.

To draw Mos Def, we should first sketch out some basic construction lines. Use a 2H or harder pencil and sketch very lightly so that the lines are easy to erase later on after we ink. Sketch the basic shape of the head, neck, and upper shoulders. We'   

Step 2.

Start with the eyes first. The eyes are almond shaped and are roughly one eye width apart from each other. Be sure that they rest evenly on the vertical guide line. Make certain that the iris and pupils are facing the exact same direction as each oth   

Step 3.

Next, draw the eyebrows which are a little ways above the upper eyelids. They should point downwards in the middle slightly, but not so much that it makes him look angry.

Step 4.

Now work on the nose. Be sure that it follows your center vertical guide line. There is a slight bump on the bridge of his nose. His nostrils are somewhat large and the tip of his nose is smooth and round.

Step 5.

Draw his mouth half way between the nose and chin. His lips can be parted slightly. The bottom lip should be much larger than the upper lip. Draw a few horizontal creases in the lower lip, but be sure that they curve with the shape of the lip. Be sur   

Step 6.

Now draw the contours of his face and his cheek bones. Mos Def has a very slender face with chiseled features. He has a narrow jaw and high cheek bones.

Step 7.

Draw the right ear. The left ear is not visible from this angle. The top of the ear should align with the eyebrows, the bottom of the ear should align with the top of the nostrils. Be sure to draw numerous curved creases inside the ear.

Step 8.

Mos Def often wears classy clothes, and this also includes fedora hats. Draw the top part of the hat first, which should be slightly wider than his head. Give it a few creases, it should be pinched in the middle. Draw a band wrapped around the base.    

Step 9.

Give him thin sideburns and a short goatee. The chin whiskers should be beneath the chin, with only a small portion creeping up the side of his chin.

Step 10.

Draw a dinner jacket on his upper torso as well as the small portion of visible neck protruding from beneath the right ear. Notice how the back of the collar rests high up his neck. Be sure to draw the large, triangular shaped lapels of the jacket.

Step 11.

Beneath the jacket, draw a high collared undershirt with a low collared button up shirt. Be sure to draw a few wrinkles in the fabric so that it looks more natural.

Step 12.

Now that we are done penciling the image we can ink it. Use either Micron markers, or a brush and India ink to do your inking. Carefully go over each line with patience and be sure not to ink any guide lines. When the ink has totally dried, erase you   

Step 13.

You can add a greater sense of depth to the image by giving it shadow. Use either a thick felt tip marker, or a brush and ink to do so. Establish your light source and black out the opposite side of the figure. Be sure to shade the underside of the h   

Step 14.

If you need to make any corrections you can use white ink or opaque white paint. And that's about it! You now know how to draw Mos Def! Congrats!

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