How to Draw Osama bin Laden, Osama bin Laden

Artist: Dawn / May 23, 2013

Step 1.

Make the shape for Osama's head then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Next up, draw in the lid line from Osama's turban that he used to wear, then sketch out the actual shape of his face. Draw in the beginning of the mustache, then you are done here.

Step 3.

Draw and color in the eyebrows, then draw out the actual shapes of each eye. Add the wrinkles or bags under the eyes, then move to step four.

Step 4.

You are almost done with drawing the face. All you have to do now is sketch out the nose, and then draw in the mouth or lips. Add more of the beard as well.

Step 5.

You will continue to draw in the rest of the turban which should look like its wrapped around the head.

Step 6.

Finish sketching out the long bushy beard, then draw the hanging piece of the turban.

Step 7.

Draw the shoulders, then sketch in the creases, and folds to detail his clothing. Erase your mistakes.

Step 8.

Here is how Osama bin Laden looks like now that you are all done.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I'm not going to say too much about the guy you see in front of you now because I know that there are mixed feelings and emotions on this individual. Today I will regretfully show you "how to draw Osama bin Laden", step by step. If you have some strong opinions based on this person and you want to express yourself, please keep it clean and respectful. See you tomorrow folks.