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How to Draw Momma, Scaredy Squirrel, Momma

Artist: Dawn / August 19, 2011
How to Draw Momma, Scaredy Squirrel, Momma

Step 1.

Make one large circle for the head of Momma, and basically the rest of her body as well.

Step 2.

Here you will sketch out the actual shape for the top part of Momma's head and face. The hair line should form a big M and from that, draw in her hairdo and make sure the ends curl upward.

Step 3.

Draw in the short, thick, dark eyebrows like so, and he sure to draw in the arm for her eyeglasses. Next, draw in the small eyes, then color in some pupils. Lastly, draw some lashes and move to step four.

Step 4.

As you know Momma is supposed to be an old woman. Draw in the shape of her small beak, and then draw the loose or aged skin that hangs down the sides of her beak. Draw some aging bags under the eyes, and then add a chin bump.

Step 5.

Now its time to draw out her body which is totally in the form if a shapeless dress. Draw the folded over collar, and then cap off the bottom like so. The chest should crest outward giving her a bold appearance.

Step 6.

This step is pretty simple because all you will be doing is drawing a large swirl for the doily that decorates her dress or blouse. And then draw out a sleeve and fill it with the tips of her wing feathers which are also her fingers.

Step 7.

For the last drawing step, all you guys have to do is draw out her small bumps or leg thighs, and then draw in some small feet. Color in the feet up to the ankle. Erase the mistakes and guides you made, and this will prepare Momma for coloring.

Step 8.

Here is the bird that everyone calls Momma, you did a great job, and now you can start coloring in this colorful character from Scaredy Squirrel.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 19, 2011
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Tags: how to draw scaredy squirrel characters, how to draw scaredy squirrel
Description: There are two more characters that I have to submit to complete the cast for the Cartoon Network show ‘Scaredy Squirrel’. So far I uploaded lessons on Dave, Scaredy, Paddy, and a fish named Sally Fishlips. Now I will teach you "how to draw Momma", and she is actually the owner of the Stash n’ Hoard. Like most owners of establishments, Momma will often come into her store unannounced to spring on a surprise visit. According to the official website for Scaredy Squirrel, Momma is a character that has a bipolar condition. This is because her mood often swings from being a sweet elderly lady, to being a major pain in the behind. Momma sort of reminds me of one of those old Englishmen that you see in old history books and such. She has white hair, a light purple completion, and wears a purple colored dress. Momma’s animal species is a bird, and for an old lady, she really does know how to scare people with one glance of the eye. She is going to be a simple figure to create, which means you should have no problem learning "how to draw Momma from Scaredy Squirrel". I will be back like I always say, so stay tuned in folks!