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How to Draw Sally, Sally, Scaredy Squirrel

Artist: Dawn / August 18, 2011
How to Draw Sally, Sally, Scaredy Squirrel

Step 1.

Make a large circle for the entire head shape and draw in one face guide.

Step 2.

Since Sally is pretty basic to draw, I want to tackle features that some of you may find difficulties tackling. The first thing I want to address is drawing Sally's eyes. They are not equal in size so you will have to draw two different sized circles   

Step 3.

It's time now to begin tackling Sally's great big inviting smile. Before we begin drawing out her mouth and lips, you will need to draw a line for the face. From the end of this line you will begin the process of drawing out her top lip. Draw in the    

Step 4.

It's sort of smooth sailing now that the first three steps are done. All you have to do is draw out her bangs, and then draw in her pretty bow. From under the first tie of the knot, you will begin the process of drawing out her hair. The style starts   

Step 5.

Draw the lining that will form her back and then draw in her arm which is in the form of a fin. Draw the bottom of her body and then draw her dress ruffle which lines the top of her dress.

Step 6.

The only thing you have to do here is draw in her back fin, and add the lines on her arm and on her back. These are actually ribs that fish have on their fins.

Step 7.

Let's get Sally finished off so you can start coloring her in. Simply draw out her ruffled dress, and then draw in her legs. Add the definition on her legs and move along!

Step 8.

Look how nice she came out looking. Now you can color her in and add Sally Fishlips to your other character drawings of Scaredy Squirrel.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 18, 2011
Steps: 8
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Tags: how to draw scaredy squirrel characters
Description: Have you ever noticed that whenever a good animated series comes out, there is a combination of things that have to remain the same and they are; there has to be a pair of friends, there also has to be a nemesis, a boss of some sorts, and of course there is almost always someone that has a crush on either the boy or girl from the series. That is the case with this character that I am about to submit right now. She is from Scaredy Squirrel and she is absolutely in love with Scaredy. Today you will have the opportunity to learn "how to draw Sally Fishlips", step by step. Her last name actually suits her well since she is a fish. Sally is probably one of the more enthusiastic figures in the series, and I say this because she has a quality that not a lot of females have, and that is the ability to be bold and go after what you wants even if that someone you are going after thinks you’re hideous looking. Sally isn’t such a bad character, yeah sure she may have some flaws, but in general she sweet. Have fun drawing Sally Fishlips, and I will meet you guys back here later with some more drawing fun.