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How to draw MLP Slime Princess

Artist: HollyB / September 27, 2014
How to draw MLP Slime Princess

Step 1.

Okay, the first step is to draw a large round circle (head), and then a medium sized oval below it (body). Then connect both by a line that will for now represent the neck (use a light shade pencil for sketching!).

Step 2.

Now lightly sketch in the legs. You can make you own pose, or copy mine if you want. Make sure they are not too thin or long.

Step 3.

Then add the small snout and the ear (I used a regular pony snout for this as it looked cute). Then sketch a line exactly where you want the tail to go.

Step 4.

Next we add the horn and wing. My wing is tucked into her side, as she isn't flying (and yes, she has both because she is an Alicorn, because she is a princess!). You can outstretch the wing if you want to.

Step 5.

Etch in the wing "feathers" and tail. The tail slightly resembles PBs hair, but is obviously sloppier and drippy. Although it does not really look slimy now, when you add in drips and colour, it will look great!

Step 6.

Then put in the eyes and horn details. The eyes are typical Rarity/Twilight sorta ones, so just see if you can copy them.

Step 7.

The hardest bit is the mane - I drew it going down over one shoulder and is sorta fringy at the front. Overall, it is very flat, and yet again is sorta PB hair, until you add drips.

Step 8.

*ERASE EVERY CRISS-CROSSING PENCIL LINE AT THIS POINT* Erase every thing in the mane area (in the middle of the mane)an ten start drawing drips down it like the tail.

Step 9.

Now you are almost done - add in the crown and necklet and any other accessories you want. Add her cutie mark (mine was a drop od slime)as well *See coloured pic above^*

Step 10.

Yep, you're done! Add colour or leave it the way it is. If you have one you would like to show me, please message me. I will put up my original drawing later. Anyway, thanks for hanging around and drawing, and look out for more MLP ATs soon! TTFN

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Artist: HollyB
Date Added: September 27, 2014
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Description: Hi, its Holly, and im back again with another one of my special Adventure Time MLPs to show you - Slime Princess! Although she is not one of the most popular princesses, she had an episode mostly about her and so is considered pretty popular by me. In her normal form, she is just a cute green blob, but with this, you wont just draw a blob - you will draw a pony! I will be back with more of these soon (maybe PB next time...), but until next time have fun drawing Slime Princess!