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How to draw a Toothless Heart

Artist: HollyB / September 12, 2014
How to draw a Toothless Heart

Step 1.

Lightly sketch an even heart for the guideline.

Step 2.

Now sketch in the legs. Its a lot easier to just do the default ones first. I'm going to fix them up later.

Step 3.

Next, sketch in the "ears" all the way around his head. Rub out the old lines if they are in the way of the new ones.

Step 4.

Bring down the forehead and draw the two other tiny ears in between the big ones. Then sketch in the new arms. (you can keep the old ones if you want to.)

Step 5.

Draw in the back and wing outline. The wing folds down, so make it look like its sort of dynamic.

Step 6.

Then the hardest step - firstly sketch up the spines along his back. Then do the hind foot and tail. Make sure the tail is not too big or too small.

Step 7.

Lastly draw in the eyes, and erase all crossing lies. Rub the rest of the heart out.

Step 8.

And now you're done! You can colour it in, or trace it onto yourself as an awesome tattoo. Thanks for veiwing

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Artist: HollyB
Date Added: September 12, 2014
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Description: I have had a couple of requests from people to make a tut on my Toothless Heart picture, so I have decided to finally do one. So this is how you draw a Toothless Heart. As you can see, this tut looks a lot different from he original pic, because I wanted the original one to be unique. Also, this is based on those MLP heart things, but I couldn't find any Toothless ones so I drew this. This tut was made on MS Paint, so go easy on me if you don't like it! Thanks for viewing.