How to Draw Amaura From Pokemon


Make two circles, one for the head and another for the body. Sketch in the neck guideline and then the facial guidelines.


Define the shape of Amaura's face, then add the top lid lines for the eyes.


Complete the shapes of the eyes, then draw in the mouth.


Up next, you will need to draw in the antler like wings on the forehead or above the eyes.


Continue to work on the body by drawing the long neck, then define the shape of the body. You will also need to draw in a small tail.


This will be the last drawing step to drawing the rest of Amaura's body. This just includes the four legs and a belly.


Add the stomach lining and then draw a dimensional diamond on the side.


That's all there is to it folks. You are all done. Now you can color in your drawing of this adorable Pokemon known as Amaura.

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February 12, 2015

Description: If you really think about it, I haven't really made any lessons on Pokemon related stuff in a while. That's why today I will be bringing you two of them. First, here is how to draw Amaura, step by step. This pretty species is light blue in color and has these pretty rainbow colored antlers. She/he reminds me of a long neck dinosaur, but in all reality this species is a dual-type Rock/Ice Fossil Pokémon. Drawing Amaura shouldn't be too complicated. I know all you Pokemon fans will enjoy tackling another lesson on drawing a Pokemon like Amaura. I will be back with my other species so stick around.

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