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How to Draw Aurorus From Pokemon

Artist: Dawn / February 12, 2015
How to Draw Aurorus From Pokemon

Step 1.

Let's make the guides for the body frame. This should include the body, neck line, tail line and limb lines.

Step 2.

Next, draw in the small rounded face shape like so, then add a straight marking line on the muzzle, then draw in the large shaped eye. Add some darkness to the eye lining.

Step 3.

Add some scales on the forehead and along the sides of the face like so. You will then add a small dash for the mouth.

Step 4.

Are you ready to draw the fin like frills on each side of the head? We will start with the right side first. This shape looks like a playful wavy lined shape. Draw in the rest of the head along with the long thick neck.

Step 5.

Add more frills on the other side of the head or face like so, then draw in some rounded spikes down the lining of the neck.

Step 6.

We will draw in some texture detailing to the body like so, then add some small square shaped scales.

Step 7.

We are almost done folks. Draw the stubby front legs, then move to step eight.

Step 8.

Here you will add the belly and then the hind legs. Once that is completed, you can move on to the next drawing step.

Step 9.

Finish Aurorus' body by drawing the arched back and curled long tail.

Step 10.

Lastly, add some toes and nails, then draw in some small diamond shaped spots or scales on the body. Erase those guidelines and shapes you made in step one, along with the mistakes.

Step 11.

Here is Aurorus when you are done. Now just color in this Pokemon beast so you can show off your drawing and coloring skills.

Comments (4)
KawaiiFoxDraws · 4 years ago
Dawn · 4 years ago
Pokemon, gotta catch them all
gurplecraft · 5 years ago
:boogie: woot woot :boogie:
Dawn · 5 years ago
Haha ;D
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 12, 2015
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Tags: how to draw pokemon
Description: I see that the Pokemon lesson I uploaded the other day got a good amount of views and was even favorited. Today I will upload this tut on how to draw Aurorus, step by step. If you're thinking that these past Pokemon species that I have uploaded look like dinosaurs, you are correct. That's because they are a dual-type Rock/Ice Fossil Pokémon which means they will resemble dinosaurs. I like how they are beautiful interpretations of the reptilian looking dinosaurs that used to walk the earth. This one shouldn't be too hard to recreate because of the simplistic body style and pose. I hope all you Pokemon fans enjoy drawing Aurorus. I know I did and if I did, than that's a good sign.