How to Draw Baby Donald Duck

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Make two shapes that will be used for the head, and then the body. The head shape should be in the form of a circle, and the body shape should look like an egg. Add the facial guidelines and then the limb lines too.


Sketch out the shape of baby Donald's head, and make sure you don't forget his feathery pieces that sticks up from front to the back. Draw the shape of his body which is the upper and lower parts, and then move to the next step.


Step three is fun because you will start drawing out baby Donald's bill, and then you will start the process for the hat and big over sized bow tie. When that is done draw the eyebrows, and then draw the shirt line and arm or sleeve like so.


Now it's time to draw in baby Donald's face in better recognizable detail. You will do this by drawing the two oblong shapes for the eyes, and then completing the lining for the beak or bill. Draw the sailor collar around his neck, and then draw in t   


For the last drawing step, color in the eyeballs, and then draw out baby Donald's foot and the rest of the fingers. Add the lining detail for the sleeve cuffs, and then start erasing all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


In the end you should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here. All you have to do is color him in and that's it. Now you have yet another friend of Mickey's that you can add to the collection. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on how    

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December 24, 2010

Description: Did you ever think that Donald Duck could look so adorable? I mean don’t get me wrong, Donald is cute the way he is, but the difference between a baby Donald, and an adult Donald is two different concepts. Like I said in my previous lesson I will be showing you "how to draw baby Donald Duck", step by step. I have a regular tutorial on Donald that I did about two years ago, but he is not as cute as baby Donald. This is a great lesson to follow if you want to include some of Mickey’s friends with him as you experience the love and joy that you feel when you draw baby Disney characters. Donald Duck is one of my favorite characters because even though he is quaky in every way, he is still a lovable, creative duck that always wants to please, and keep his friends close by his side. There is only one way to "draw baby Donald Duck", the Dragoart way. So sit back and get real comfy in your chair because you are about to have some good fun with this lesson on one of the most cutest ducks around, baby Donald Duck. I shall return people, and when I do I will bring another fun lesson for you all to follow. Adios mi amigos!

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