How to Draw Miku Hatsune Hello Kitty

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Start with an oval like shape for the guide of Hello Kitty's head like so and then sketch in one facial guideline.


The first thing you will draw is Kitty's bow, and like always detail it properly.


Next, draw the pointed arches for Miku Kitty's bands that is used to hold her amazing pigtails in place. At this point they look like a set of pointed ears.


Now you can fill the empty space with the anime style hair which is bangs swished to the right side, and the pigtails that are long and straight with some sharp tips or ends.


Draw the entire body for Miku Kitty starting with the torso. Once that is done you can draw in her arms, and make sure that the bottom of the body is wavy lined for the ruffle at the end of the skirt. Draw the lining that makes up the clothing which    


For the last drawing step, simply thicken the lining to form Miku Kitty's face, and then draw the ears, eyes, nose and whiskers. Lastly, finish off your new version of Hello Kitty by giving her some legs. Erase your mistakes and guides.


Here you have an adorable version of hello Kitty dressed up as Miku Hatsune. Color her in using the proper colors and then make sure you show this drawing off to family and friends.

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March 14, 2012

Description: I had so much fun drawing this version of Hello Kitty yesterday during Live stream. This is by far my favorite Hello Kitty dressed character yet and I have some more ideas coming your way that I think a lot of you folks will love. Here is "how to draw Miku Hatsune Hello Kitty", step by step. Unlike with some of the other Kitty figures I have drawn, this Miku version has Kitty with long aqua colored hair just like the real Miku. This is definitely going to be a favorite lesson for a lot of members and visitors that come to Dragoart. The best way to show how much you love this, or any other tutorial on the site, is to link to it using one of the social networking buttons you see under each tutorial picture. I hope you have fun drawing Miku Hatsune Hello Kitty as much as I did drawing her out. I shall return in a bit folks so stay tuned in to see what else I have up my sleeve. Peace out and like always, enjoy!

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