How to Draw Megan Fox


Begin with the guide lines for the face and the outline...ish for her shoulder .


Now make the actual outline for the face, shoulder and hair. The hair isn't much of a deal since it's going to be all black .


Finally , draw the eyes , nose and mouth .Make sure to give her full lips and a slightly open mouth .


So your sketch should look like this . Please notice the eyebrows , they are have edges , a pretty shape but not a natural one. This is visible only in my pencil sketch, it didn't do it digitally since I thought it would would look weird and confuse    


Begin with the eyes,well you can begin with whatever you want but since I made the eyes first you have no choice . Work on the eyes you sketched, darken the upper eyelashes and the line above them , also add a bit of a darker grey to the eyebrows , d   


Use a really light pencil to shade a bit and the use a very sharp 2B pencil to make the eyebrows .


Now shade the iris a bit and around the eyes , use a blending stump to ...blend, very well.


Shade a wee bit more around the eyes, add some highlights in the iris and finally draw the eyelashes .


The nose is rather easy since you don't have to shade a lot to make it look like it's there . Just add a few light shadows under the nostrils .


Roughly shade the lips . Make the upper lip darker and the lower one darker. Don't forget to leave room for the teeth .


Smudge and darken on the corners . Also add highlight using either an eraser or white pastel . Very very lightly shade the teeth using Any pencil bellow H .


Lightly shade the left and right side of the face using a light pencil and something soft to smudge it very well.


For the last patches of skin use the same shading technique , which is smudging a lot , there's not secret, but a slightly darker pencil on the neck, just bellow the chin .


On to the hair. Use black all around her face . The parts I hatched will be the lighter ones in the hair. all the hair around them will be black.


This part is more time consuming than it is hard, just keep in mind the way hair tends to grow .


Finish the hair. You're done.

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October 21, 2014

Description: Hello people of Dragoart. I have a new tutorial for you, Megan Fox. Unless you've been living under a rock you know she's been in the Transformers movies and some other movies I haven't watched because I'm not a huge fan. Anyway, enough with the the chit chat, get to work . Good luck !

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