How to Draw Kellin Quinn

Artist: DuskEyes969 / September 15, 2014

Step 1.

Begin with some guide lines for the face .

Step 2.

Then outlines his hair , hat and t-shirt .

Step 3.

Now draw the eyes, nose and mouth following the guidelines you made previously .

Step 4.

Now slightly sketch the eyebrows and shade the eyes in the darkest areas .

Step 5.

Thicken the eyebrows. Smudge around the eyes using a blending stump and use a darker pencil and shade the same areas again .

Step 6.

Smudge again, extending outwards from the eyes .

Step 7.

From the eyes go down to his nose and make a slight shadows which defines the shape of the nose .

Step 8.

Darken the existing shadows and smudge around them, creating lighter shades of grey around the darker shadows . This will give the nose its final shape.

Step 9.

Move to to his mouth and roughly shade his upper lip and the inside of his mouth. Also shade the area under his nose just so it looks like a badly drawn mustache .

Step 10.

Smudge everything very well and use the same blending stump to shade his lower lip, you don't even have to use a pencil for this. Shade the teeth using a hard/light pencil, preferably a 4H .

Step 11.

Now using a light pencil shade the whole face, or what's left of it.

Step 12.

Smudge it very well using the SAME blending stump as before

Step 13.

To get that unshaved effect make dots and/or very short lines where the beard usually grows .

Step 14.

Now draw the basic lines of the hair. These indicate the direction in which it grows and places where it's darker.

Step 15.

Now make the parts which are completely black, you'll later have to connect them with the brighter ones .

Step 16.

Make the hair darker by connecting the dark areas with the white ones. You should get a dark grey . You can do this by using a blending stump or by using a 2B pencil .

Step 17.

Very roughly shade the hat .

Step 18.

Smudge the hat and use a darker pencil to shade more if you think it's necessary , but don't forget to smudge it afterwards .

Step 19.

The shirt is really easy to make , just use some graphite powder and smudge it within the outline.

Step 20.

Use a softer pencil to make the darker parts of the the shirt and the final details .The lighting and contrast are digitally changed .

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello again I'm back with a new tutorial, Kellin Quinn . Apparently he's been requested by a lot of members . He's the vocalist of the band Sleeping with Sirens , a post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida . The band has 3 albums released as well as an acoustic EP. The band is mainly known for the vocal range of this dude . Have fun !