How To Draw Ragnar Lothbrok From Vikings

Artist: DuskEyes969 / March 11, 2015

Step 1.

Sketch the basic frame of the body. With just a few lines you can give him the right posture and proportions .

Step 2.

Now build the body on the fame.

Step 3.

Make the final details.

Step 4.

This should be your sketch . If you can notice I didn't make the jawline , simply because I forgot, it's not that important anyway .

Step 5.

Start off with the head. Make a few light shadows on it to get the first impression of depth .

Step 6.

Smudge and make a second darker layer . Don't smudge too much, you want a rough look, the paper texture does that for you .

Step 7.

His face is covere in dirt and blood , although it is hard to get this effect since there's a lot of details involved, it becomes easier if you "divide" the details into separate part . For example, I made the more smudgy , foggy details first . The   

Step 8.

Now the blood spatter is darker . Use a shaper pencil for this one and don't smudge .

Step 9.

The hair is fairly easy to make. Draw the darker areas first .

Step 10.

Make a light shade of grey for the rest and leave a few highlits .

Step 11.

Now it's time for the shirt. I sounds weird saying shirt when you're talking about a viking, but it's basically a leather tshirt over a long sleeve fabric shirt . Draw the darker shadows first .

Step 12.

Make a lighter grey on the rest of the shirt , blending it with the black parts.

Step 13.

Make the final details.

Step 14.

Repeat the process for the long sleeve.

Step 15.

Darken the overall sleeve a bit and blend .

Step 16.

The thing on his chest is a chain armor , made of hundreads of little rings . Since the is viewed from the side combined with the light and shadows, it's nearly impossible do recreate it on paper . The ammount of details is not the problem, the fact    

Step 17.

I started working from the sides and slowly made my way to the center.

Step 18.

I increased the contrast so the details are more visible.

Step 19.

I made the background with a 6H pencil and a brush , quick and easy.

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Description: Ragnar Lodbrok or Lothbrok (Old Norse: Ragnarr Loðbrók, "Ragnar Hairy Breeches") was a legendary Norse ruler, Danish king and hero from the Viking Age described in Old Norse poetry and several sagas. In this tradition, Ragnar was the scourge of France and England and the father of many renowned sons, including Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, Halfdan Ragnarsson, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ubba. While these men are historical figures, it is uncertain whether Ragnar himself existed or really fathered them. Many of the tales about him appear to originate with the deeds of several historical Viking heroes and rulers.