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How to Draw Mega Latios

Artist: Dawn / October 20, 2014
How to Draw Mega Latios

Step 1.

We will be making Latios from a side profile pose. Start by drawing a small head, then draw a long neck line and egg shaped body.

Step 2.

Using the guides, draw the head and face structure along with Latios' ears.

Step 3.

Next, draw the markings on the forehead, then draw in the eye. Add the small fin like shapes that are close lined with the cheeks of the face.

Step 4.

Draw the back of the neck, then draw in the chest and belly or body shape.

Step 5.

Draw in one of the legs or arms along with the hands or feet.

Step 6.

The disk like shape on the back body should be drawn in next. You will then draw the arm or wing like fin followed by the finger like shapes.

Step 7.

Finish drawing the body by adding the other wing arm and then the tail. Draw the other leg and foot, then proceed to step eight.

Step 8.

Lastly, add detailing inside the shape or wing you just made, then draw some markings on the wing, chest, and draw a stem like shaft that goes under the arm/wing. Erase the guidelines and shapes as well as your mistakes.

Step 9.

That's it, Mega Latios is ready to color in. I hope you had fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 20, 2014
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Tags: how to draw pokemon, how to draw mega pokemon
Description: Are you waiting for a lesson on a couple of Legendary Pokemon who have evolved into another awesome version in a mega way. I will start with a tut on "how to draw Mega Latios", step by step. every time I upload a lesson on either Latios or Latias, folks always seem to love them. I'm happy to get this lesson up because it was a species from the Pokedex that has been requested a lot since it's release. So go ahead and have fun fun drawing Pokemon Mega Latios and I will ready the other I have on Latias.