How to Draw N from Pokemon


Alrighty, so let's begin. Draw out N's head and guidelines for features to start out with. Go ahead and place his nose and mouth guidelines as well.


Now we fill in his features. N has simple eyes for an anime character, a long, straight nose, and a somewhat mysterious smile. Don't forget the small lines above his eyes, which indicate the eyelids.


Now, we move on to the most challenging part- N's hat. It's not that difficult, however, and with the tutorial pictures as a reference, I think you guys will get it easily. We also sketch in his ear and some of his hair.


Now we start to draw in his spikey hair and the funny bang things that hang down next to his face.


Sketch in his shirt, collar, and the rest of his hair and shade. Erase your guidelines and any mistakes you might have made.


Touch up the shading and you're done! Hope you enjoyed. :3

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October 2, 2014

Description: Did you know that there's a fan theory that N is a Zoroark? Supporters of this theory point out that he has hair reminiscent of a Zoroarks,can talk to Pokémon, and a scene in White2/Black2. In the said scene, a Zoroark beckons for the player to follow it, and when the player arrives at the destination the Zoroark disappeared into, N is standing there without a Zoroark in sight. I think this theory makes some sense. But whether or not you believe it, here's how to draw N from Pokémon.

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