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How to draw Manga Anime Graystripe from warriors

Artist: DogzCatz / May 13, 2015
How to draw Manga Anime Graystripe from warriors

Step 1.

Draw a circle or close to a circle, do this in light pencil, because you will just use this as a base to draw the head around.

Step 2.

Now draw a slanted oval it will stay, but you should still draw it in light pencil.

Step 3.

Now draw the tail.

Step 4.

Now draw the legs which are pretty much a basic animal leg shape

Step 5.

How draw the head which is just drawing around the circle adding ears and bangs

Step 6.

Erase the base and draw a circle at the bottom of the head draw two ovals a pinkie finger length north east and west away from the circle.

Step 7.

Now to draw his pupils which are circles and his stripe

Step 8.

Now color him in, his stripe is lighter than his fur color so is his muzzle. All done in pencil though I don't suggest that it would look better if you use like color pencils or something. Thanks ford rawing with me!

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Artist: DogzCatz
Date Added: May 13, 2015
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Description: Learn how to draw Graystripe in a few really easy steps. Have fun.