How to Draw Mages, Mage

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 4, 2017

Step 1.

first things first. We'll go over body types of a mage. Some mages, like example 1, are thin and fling spells from the back of the battle line, focusing on controlling the battle from afar. Others, like example two, are more built and able to hold th   

Step 2.

Mages wear different type of clothing as well based off their strengths. A classic mage would wear cloth robes with maybe a little bit of leather. Stronger mages may wear the leather or even wear chainmail and sometimes even metal armor.

Step 3.

On the left we have a lighter mage, one that focuses on spells and staying back. A robe with with some leather and a simple pair of flats would be normal for them. For a mage that focuses on being up in the battle, they would wear chainmail to protec   

Step 4.

Mages also sometimes wear head covering or headdresses. A cowl, hood or hat is very traditional though a circlet or tiara wouldn't be out of place either as they could be enchanted or help focus magical ability.

Step 5.

Now we're going to move on to implements. Implements are what mages use to focus their powers and cast spells. Staffs, much like what you'll see in high fantasy setting being used by wizards and mages like Gandalf, are great, not just for spell   

Step 6.

Rods and wands are another impliment used for casting spells and are what you see more in movies like Harry Potter. They are smaller and easy to conceal.

Step 7.

Tomes and scrolls help a wizard in combat by helping them cast spells and containing what they need to know to do them.

Step 8.

Now we'll start in with some practice. We'll draw out a base for our mage, just starting with the torso for now. We'll draw an oval for the head and an oblong shape for the torso with lines for the arms and neck. We'll make sure to mark off the face    

Step 9.

Now we'll draw out the shape of the face along with it's features and the ears. You can give your mage round or pointed ears, it's up to you.

Step 10.

Now we'll draw out her arms and her hands. One hand till be up, like casting a spell and the other down like she's holding something.

Step 11.

Now we'll draw her torso, giving her her top and her gloves so that she's clothed.

Step 12.

We'll draw out the rest of her top and giver her a belt with pouches to hold all her ritual ingredients and traveling equipment.

Step 13.

From there we'll draw out her skirt, flowing and billowing out.

Step 14.

Next we'll add her feet and shows and giver her her staff as she holds it behind her while she casts her spell.

Step 15.

Then we'll draw out her hair, lots and lots of hair that whips out and blows around as she casts.

Step 16.

Then we'll add in some smaller details in the hair.

Step 17.

And there you have it, how to draw a mage. feel free to draw out the spell lightly as a guide when you go to color her or you can just freehand it later. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see how you all did.

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Description: I'm back with a big gun this time and I'm sure you're all going to enjoy it. I have all sorts of fun and handy tips for drawing a mage this week. Mages (or wizards) if you prefer practice arcane arts. This is more styled in a regular fantasy or dungeons and dragons type of setting and not so much on the WoW. I hope you'll like it anyways and we'll get right to it and finish up with some practice.