How to Draw a Wizard


We'll start from the top, which in this case will be hats. Wizards wear hat or hoods or cowls. Their hat can be flat or pointed. They can have a wide brim or no brim at all. They can be plain or can be decorated with tassels and stars.


Wizards are also known for wearing robes. Robes can either be short, stopping around the middle of the thigh or the knee, or they can be long and go all the way down to the ground.


Wizards use implements such as staffs with orbs or other magical focus at the top, rods or wands. Wizards can also use tomes and scrolls to help with their magic.


Now that we have the basics down, we can get started on actually drawing a wizard. We'll start with a base, leaving the bottom half as a sort of trapezoid shape since we wont actually be showing his legs.


We'll move onto the face, drawing the shape and where his bear will connect. A wizard has to have a beard.


Then we shall draw said beard and his hair. We'll tie off his beard so it's not blowing around and getting in the way.


We'll top off his head with a wide brimmed hat that comes up and stops with a flat top and draw a band around the middle and a couple beads hanging down from the band.


Now we'll start drawing his torso, drawing in the shoulder part of his cape and drawing the opening in his robes and his shirt underneath.


Now we'll draw in his sleeves and the upper half of his robe, including the trip along the opening.


From there we'll draw his cuffs and his hands, along with a book being held n one hand.


Okay time to draw in the rest of his robe and give him a cloth belt around his middle to keep his robe close to his body.


We'll draw the skirt of his robes after, bringing it all the way down to the ground and curving a little where his shoes will poke out.


Then we'l draw his shoes...and lets start in on drawing his staff as well by drawing the crystal that will be be at the tip. I'm going to make mine looks like it was roughly cut, but you can make yours smooth if you like.


Now we'll draw in the actual shape of the staff, having parts of it that branch out and hold onto the crystal at the tip.


Lastly, we'll add in a few last details, drawing in some detail in his beard and drawing in the grain of the wooden part of the staff.


And there you have it. How to draw a wizard.

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December 13, 2012

Description: Hello everyone. I hope you're already for a bunch of new tutorials. I'm here with one about wizards and how to draw them. If you haven't been able to tell by now, I am a huge fan of fantasy characters and creatures and I hope you don't all mind. Anyways here we go and lets get started.

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