How to Draw Human Fluttershy, Fluttershy, My Little Pony

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Let's get started straight away. Begin by making a circle for the head then draw in the facial guides. You will then make the hand and shoulder with the arm.


The next thing to tackle is the mane or in this case, her hair. Start with two arched swift lines which will form the framing of her hair. Make the curls at the ends, then add some strands too.


Next up, draw out the big bright looking eyes making sure that the top lids are drawn thick and bold. Add the lashes, then make the eyebrows as well as the small bump for her nose. Detail the hair with some strand lines, then move along to step four.


Now that the face is all drawn in, you can sketch out the lining of her jaw. Her mouth is covered by her hand which is in a shy gesture. Draw the arms as well as her hands, then darken the lining for her shoulder and neck.


You are almost done drawing human Fluttershy. All you need to do now is finish drawing her body. All you have to do is start at the elbow of the left arm then make the hips and legs. Draw in her feet, then add the detailing to her pants and shirt.


For the last drawing step you will draw more length to her hair so that it is hitting the ground. Add detailing to her shoes, then add some pockets and the rest of the detailing. Erase the mistakes to clean up the drawing.


Here is what the adorable Fluttershy comes out looking like in human form. Now you can get busy with coloring her in. Great work everyone!

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June 6, 2012

Description: She's sweet, she's adorable, she's just precious. Of course I'm talking about the very cute Fluttershy from My Little Pony. I was asked more than a few times to make a tutorial on "how to draw human Fluttershy", step by step. Now although I don't want to get on this rampaged momentum to making all the My Little Pony characters human, I find myself drawn to the idea to go ahead and continue making tutorials on these popular equines until I feel otherwise. Fluttershy is one of my little sister's favorite ponies. When she found out that My Little Pony was on Netflix she was so excited because she could start watching the show from the beginning, and catch up to where the series is today. My sister is a mix between a girly girl, and a tomboy. She loves pink, purple, baby blue, and red; but then she loves roughing it around the house by playing wither her brother, messing around with the dogs, and she even collects frogs. Anyways, this depiction of how I would view Fluttershy as a human matches her personality to the tee. I hope you guys enjoy drawing human Fluttershy. I will be back soon so stick around or go watch cartoons for a while until I come back. Please note, that I do not take credit for the background. I manipulated it for the fitting of Fluttershy :) Thanks!

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