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How to Draw Skitty,Pokemon

Artist: Dekeyrel / March 26, 2012
How to Draw Skitty,Pokemon

Step 1.

The first step is drawing the guidelines,draw them lightly since you'll be erasing them at the end.

Step 2.

Next draw the ears.

Step 3.

Now draw Skitty's lil' legs =^.^=

Step 4.

Okay,now to draw Skitty's tail...

Step 5.

Now to facial features,Skitty's eyes,nose and mouth.And if you want you can add the blush,it's just a simple "N".

Step 6.

Almost done,just some finishing details.Draw Skitty's facial marking,shaped like a crescent moon.Then draw 3 needles sticking out from it's tail.

Step 7.


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Artist: Dekeyrel
Date Added: March 26, 2012
Steps: 7
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Tags: draw pokemon
Description: Hiya,this is a tutorial on how to draw Skitty!hope you like it,if not I'll just try harder next time.This is one of my first drawings done using a computer program so I'm still getting used to it.