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How to Draw Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

Artist: Dawn / February 1, 2017
How to Draw Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

Step 1.

Okay as you can see this first step is going to be very simple. Start with a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines to form a body frame and guides for the face.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the shape of her face which is heart shaped, and then draw in the top lids of her eyes.

Step 3.

You will go further and draw out the rest of her eye shape, and then sketch in her eyeballs like so. Next, sketch out her pretty eyebrows, and then sketch in her nose mouth and or lips.

Step 4.

Here you will now sketch out her actual eyeballs, and color in the pupils. That is basically all you have to do here before you move to step five.

Step 5.

This is one of my favorite parts because you will now be sketching out her pretty soft looking hairstyle. Be sure to sketch in the wavy tips, and her length. Lightning's hair looks to be sort of full this is why bangs looks good on her.

Step 6.

Instead of drawing out her entire body, I want to just teach you how to draw the basics which is only the upper body. To start draw out her neck or turtleneck shirt collar like so, and then draw in the flaps of collars to her jacket which is worn wid   

Step 7.

Okay, add the lining to the neck piece of her shirt which will give texture to the material of the shirt she is wearing. Draw in the zipper, and then draw out the straps that lay vertical on her breasts. Next, draw in her shoulders and some of her ar   

Step 8.

Okay guys you are finally almost done with this tutorial. All I want you to do now is draw out the design on her shoulder pad which keeps her cape in tact. Next, draw in her arm, and then the rest of her clothing design which is a belt like strap aro   

Step 9.

All you have to do now is add the last minute touches. This is the buckles down the vest, and all the pleats, creases, and folds on the rest of her clothes. When that is all done you can start erasing all the lines and shapes that you drew in step on   

Step 10.

Here is what your new Final Fantasy XIII character looks like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color her in. I hope you had fun guys.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 1, 2017
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Description: Every once in a while I will receive a request to do a character from a video game and sometimes I am a fan of the game series. Most of the time half of the games out there today are beyond my knowledge which will lead me to ask for help for background information on certain characters. Today, I am about to fill a request on a character from the Final Fantasy game series. Now even though I am a humongous fan of the game Final Fantasy in general, I have not kept abreast with the rest of the episodes which means I am not familiar with the newer characters. This tutorial is going to teach you "how to draw Lightning" from Final Fantasy XIII, step by step. Unfortunately this is one of those figures that I am not familiar with, but thankfully my sister’s friend was. I can tell you some tid bits of Lightning but not too much because of my lack of knowledge for her. From what I’ve gathered her real name is Claire Farron, and she is the main figure of the FFXIII game as well as FFXIII-2. Now from what I’ve heard, her personality is a bit harsh, meaning she is a very reserved person that is always on guard. She keeps people she comes across at a distance, as well as giving off any hint of who she is. Supposedly her sister Serah (neat way to spell Sarah), is in some sort of crystal state or stasis, and this is what gives Lightning the drive to stay alive and fight so she can one day rescue her sister from her current state. Now please bear with me because if I have made any mistakes I apologize. Remember, I’m not familiar with the game at all so give me some slack. Anyways, Lightning or Claire can be described as being a fairly pretty girl. She has soft or light colored pink hair, a faded shade of aqua colored eyes, and a very simple looking face. She is almost always wearing a uniform that most of the Guardian Corps wears along with a white colored jacket, a brown colored turtleneck shirt that also looks like it’s a one-piece that comes with a skirt. You will also see her with a red cape; knee high leather style boots, black bands around her right upper arm, and a red colored pack that is strapped to her thigh. She also keeps her gunblade in a black case that she wears behind her back that hangs low near her hips. I like her style, and her look which means I had fun making the lesson on "how to draw Lightning", or Claire Farron. If you are one of those fans of Final Fantasy XIII, than you should have a blast with this tutorial. I will leave you now so you can get busy but I will be back with one more lesson. Stay tuned and keep having drawing fun!