How to Draw Tifa, Lockheart

Artist: Prinii / October 3, 2010

Step 1.

Drawing Tifa Lockheart can have a lot of components to it, but can be very easy if broken down. To start, draw a circle with two guidelines in the middle, with a curved spine and arms like a stickman. Add a branched line coming out of the head and tw   

Step 2.

Next,try sketching out the body and hair shape using these guidelines. Add a half-circle to her left elbow for her elbowpad. Breaking down the basic shape will make adding details easier. This may take a little trial and error.

Step 3.

Sketch in her clothing and facial details. It helps to make them into really basic shapes. It may help to erase the stickman structure and a few guidelines to help fill in more details. Now it's starting to look like Tifa, finally!

Step 4.

Now try refining her body and clothing to make her look a little less rigid and rectangle-like. Add her earring, eyes, add studs to her belt, and bumps to her elbowpad. Give more definition to her hairline and hair.

Step 5.

You have your very own Tifa! Hopefully your image should look like this one. Now you can outline and color her and give her a Cloud Strife!

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Artist: Prinii
Date Added: October 3, 2010
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Description: Draw Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII. This tutorial will show you a few basics on drawing the popular Final Fantasy character. When it comes to friends in danger, Tifa will do anything to protect them. Quite frankly, she can pack one heck of a punch! The tutorial is laid out nice and simple for an easy drawing experience. If you found that this tutorial was simple, please leave a comment! I hope you'll enjoy this cool tutorial to learn "<em><strong>how to draw Tifa Lockheart</em></strong>, step by step". Thanks folks!