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How to Draw Kiki, Tokyo Mew Mew

Artist: mstormw / January 3, 2011
How to Draw Kiki, Tokyo Mew Mew

Step 1.

Okay lets start with some guidelines! Pretty simple really, just a circle for the head and a boxy version of the pose.

Step 2.

I know I usually start at the top of the head, but for this drawing it is easier to start with the fringe, at about halfway down the circular guideline. Just below the hairline, draw in the basic shape of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 3.

Now add in the detail on the eyes, and the rest of the hair. Notice the hair only ever touches the circle at the place where the hair stems from. if you draw the hair too close or on the guideline, the hair will look too flat. because of the angle, t   

Step 4.

Draw in her choker/necklace thingy, with the oval pendant hanging off it. Then follow the basic shape of the guidelines to draw the arms. the sleeve/armband things are literally just two seams with ruffled material in between, so you can be as sponta   

Step 5.

Draw the outstretched fingers. I don't know why, but manga doesn't generally have fingernails, so for simplicities sake, just leave them out. You can also draw in the straps of her clothes

Step 6.

following the guidelines, draw in the basic shape ofher jumpsuit-style clothing. Remember to add wrinkes for realism too.

Step 7.

Draw the seams of the jumpsuit-thing, making sure it follows the creases that you already dreaw. Also, draw in the tail. This is simply made up of small spiky tufts.

Step 8.

Draw out the legs, following the basic shape of the guidelines and on the raied leg, add the leg-warmer/stockings. The thinner lines shoud make up a pattern that looks like- 'I N I' .

Step 9.

Draw in the other leg-warmer/stocking. The thinner lines should be in this pattern this time- ' - z - - -' . After that, draw her shoes, which are just simple pumps

Step 10.

Awesome! You drew your very own Kiki from Mew Mew Power! Please rate and comment, and I hope to do another tut soon.

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PokeAisy · 6 years ago
Artist: mstormw
Date Added: January 3, 2011
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Tags: how to draw tokyo mew mew characters
Description: My seventh tut on request of 'Aabeey'. I must admit, I had never heard of this character, so I am relying entirely on my reference picture to do me justice.