How To Draw a Tribal Dragon Breathing Fire


Okay, lets start with some guidelines. The body and fire of the dragon are both 's' shapes, and the wing of the dragon is a bit like a curved upside-down 'v', that stems from the centre of the lower cuve of the body's 's'.


To draw the head, just follow the guidelines, making natural spikes as the pencil/graphics pen drifts from the curve. The spikes should get gradually longer, and splay outwards. Once you have done the basic outline, follow it back again on the inside   


Next, draw in the body of the dragon, following the 's' curve. You can also add in the 'foundation/spine' of the wing, that overlap the spikes on the neck


Finish off the body, by widening and extending the spikey lines to create the finishing touches to the 's'. Also, rub ouut any overelaps that have occured so far. These are maked by the blue arrows.


Now that you have finished the body, start to outline the wing, using your guideline to help you. Also, rub out any more overlaps that have occured as a result of the last step (marked by the blue arrows)


Add the final touches to the wing. Personally, when it comes to doing detail like this, I would draw as the negative space, rather than the existing. Therefore, istead of drawing loads of curved lines all overlapping, I would draw ther tringular shap   


Okay! now that we have the dragon done, we can move on to the thing that, really, the tut is about... FIRE! Anyone who is as crazy as me, as to watch how fire behaves, knows that it flickers in, you got it, 's' shapes! so basically, the fire even in    


Add in the final 's' shapes of fire to the larger 's' shape of fire. Like I said earlier, you don't have to copy, mine, it's just a rough guide to what you could do.


You don't have to, but if I were you and I were drawing this on paper, I would fineline it, and rub out the pencil, to really emphasise the detail. If you are drawing this on the computer, i would suggest going over it on a seperate layer, in 'curve    


One last optional step, colour it in! Personally, I think it give the design a bolder, more elegant look, esecially if you have a contrasting background too. So there you go! You've just drawn your very own tribal dragon who breathes FIRE!!! Awesome,   

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December 23, 2010

Description: THIS is my 6th tut! I know I said the Lucy from elfen lied one was, but it wasn't, this one is. um... so yea, i was thinking about what kinda tuts I;ve been doing so far; manga, manga, more manga, chibi and more chibi, so I thought that I'd do something a bit different... I was looking at all the dragons, and tribal art, and I realized there wasn't a tut that included fire in the drawing, so here it is... Tribal art is probably one of the most popular things to be tattooed, and I can see why. The beautiful swirling lines and complicated designs are really worth looking at, so I hope I do it justice, with my simplified version. Please rate, comment, and enjoy!

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