How to Draw Kid Flash

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Begin with a small egg shape for the head, and then draw a diamond shaped torso. You will then add the guidelines for the face, neck, and limbs which should include the arms and legs.


Sketch out the shape of Kid Flash's face and head, and then make the goggle shapes which rest on his forehead. Draw the thick neck, and shoulders which fall into the nicely toned arms.


You will now sketch out his hair top like so, and then draw in the face mask which frames the outline of Kid Flash's face. Draw the lightning bolts on each side of the head, and then continue to draw out the rest of his upper body including the arms    


The last step is simple. All you need to do is add detailing to the goggles, and then draw out his eyes, nose, and mouth. Finish off the body by making the left hand, and sketch out the rest of the legs. Draw he feet, and make the soles of his boots    


Here is your new Young Justice character now that you are all done. Color him in, and that's it. Did you have fun with this tutorial on how to draw Kid Flash or what? Good, so did I.

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November 26, 2010

Description: Another new cartoon series will be airing on Cartoon Network soon and it's called Young Justice. There are several characters that are all based on DC Comics figures like Boy Wonder, Batman, Aquaman, and many more. Today I thought I would upload one of the heroes and it's mainly because he is one of my favorites from the comics. You will be taught "how to draw Kid Flash", step by step. Young Justice is premiering on Friday, November 26th at seven pm on Cartoon Network and if you look around the web good enough you can actually watch a six minute pilot for the hour long premier. It looks pretty good and it seems as though the characters or heroes have good personalities and humor. The villains look pretty sweet too, and from what I've seen all of the villains have powers of freeze. I don't know the full storyline line yet, but when I do I will be the first to give you the 411 on all the characters including heroes and villains. I tried visiting Cartoon Networks site to find out some info on Kid Flash but there was only a teaser trailer available. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to find out the scoop. I guess that is all I can say for now, I will return tomorrow with more drawing fun so come back around. In the mean time before you go, try out this tutorial on "how to draw Kid Flash", I'm sure you will have a blast. Peace out peeps, and have a happy day!

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