How to Draw Green Arrow

Artist: splendidriver / October 30, 2010

Step 1.

First things first, draw out the basic structure lines for his body. These represent the bones and the little circles are the bone joints. These will help you build him up not to go out of anatomy.

Step 2.

Now, base on the structure lines, draw up some basic shape lines for his body. This step will help you have a general look on his body shape before moving on to details. Focus on how the shape base on the bone joints.

Step 3.

Ok, now you're totally ready for the details. First will be his face. He needs a sexy beard and a Robin Hood-ish hat, and a mask too protect his true identity. Try to give him a noble look, focus on the shape of the head and face.

Step 4.

Moving on to his upper body. There will be not much problem in this step if you stay focus on what you sketched out in step 2 for his shape. Only you know best what he needs to wear for his clothes so let your imagination fly. This is just how I like   

Step 5.

Carefully draw the rest of his lower body. And yes, the first 2 steps will help you more than you think in this, so respect them.

Step 6.

Now, finish him up with some more details and equipments like the bow, the arrows in his back and in his hand.

Step 7.

Clean up the mess and now you have the best archer in the world of DC Comics ready for colors. Good luck my friends :)

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Artist: splendidriver
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Description: As a fan of the famous Bruce Timm's show Justice League Unlimited, I really like Green Arrow and I assume that there are many of you do too. So this tutorial will lead you step by step on how to draw him. The only note that this is kind of my own take on his suit, which has some changes from the original of the show. Now, stay focus and aim your best on this.