How to Draw Aquaman

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Draw a circle for the head and then sketch out the shape of his facial structure like you see here. Since Aquaman is top heavy, meaning very muscular, you will draw a large torso shape. Add the shoulders, and then draw the guidelines for his arms, le   


Now you can start sketching out the shape and style of his combed back hair. Next draw out his beard and then draw the eyes, nose and beard. Next sketch the shoulders and collar bones. You are almost done with this lesson just keep on going.


Continue to sketch out Aquaman's face by drawing the eyebrows, and mouth. Add some detailing and definition. Draw more of his arms, and make sure they are muscular looking. In the upper part of his forearm draw the glove line. Detail his cheats and s   


Before you start adding detailing and definition, you will need to finish drawing is gloves and or arms. Next draw the hands, and then draw his skivvies. Start sketching out his thighs and when that is done you can start adding some scales to his aqu   


To finish off this DC Comics character all you have to do is draw the rest of his leg shapes, feet, and then the fins that are attached to the back of his legs. These fins help Aquaman swim faster then any living animal in the sea. Erase the guidelin   


Well, you're done drawing Aquaman. All you need to do now is color this superhero in. Just grab your green and yellow crayon, marker, colored pencil, or paint and go to town on the fun of making your drawing look colorful.

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February 4, 2010

Description: Another DC Comics character on the way from the Cartoon Network series “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”. In the series there is a few main characters, Batman, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, and of course the hero this tutorial is on, Aquaman. My brother is becoming a big fan of the animated series which is why I chose to do this drawing. His real name Orin and he was born in the lost city of Atlantis. Aquaman has been a part of DC Universe since 1941 being their underwater superhero. In the beginning his goal was to protect the ocean from evil, and he is still doing an effective job to this day. He is described as being six foot one inches tall, blond colored hair, blue eyes, and his superhero uniform or suit consists of an orange or yellow top, and scaly green tights with fin like shapes on the back of his legs. As you may have guessed Aquaman’s abilities are a reflection from his origins. He can talk to any living sea creature as well as control the minds of of sea life like sharks, whales, dolphins, and so forth with his telepathic ability. He can also sense the feelings that other aquatic life is feeling with his power called “The Clear”. He can also swim faster then any animal that comes from the ocean at speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour. All of his abilities are available to him because he is the son of a wizard, and a Atlantean queen. Because of this Poseidon gave their son the “gift”. Besides Aquaman being an insanely cool character, there is also news of a full length motion picture coming out in 2011 called “Aquaman”, can’t wait to see that. Anyway, I have to go because there is a lot more work for me to do. Have fun learning "how to draw Aquaman, step by step”. Don't forget to rate, and comment, this helps other members get an idea how the difficulty level will be if you decide to comment on that particular subject. Besides, it’s always nice to see what you all think of the tutorials that I am submitting to you all. Peace out guys and have fun!

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