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how to draw Kanaya Maryam

Artist: TheDrawingYOHIOFan / April 5, 2015
how to draw Kanaya Maryam

Step 1.

Begin with making the ''help-lines''

Step 2.

Carefully erase the lines a little, not so they're completely gone, but barely visible. Then draw the head and neck.

Step 3.

Draw the hair and the horns

Step 4.

Draw the shirt.

Step 5.

Draw the eyes, the nose, eyebrows and the mouth.

Step 6.

Make the lines darker and add details.

Step 7.

Make the shirt and hair black.

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Artist: TheDrawingYOHIOFan
Date Added: April 5, 2015
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Tags: how to draw homestuck, how to draw homestuck characters
Description: This is (a really bad) Kanaya drawing step by step... (I redrew the icon on my computer)