How to Draw Gamzee, Homestuck

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Gamzee will be easy so don't fret. Start with a circle for the head, then draw a simple body shape. Add in the facial guidelines as well as the body guide.


Next up we will need to draw the shape of his small face, followed by his wild and crazy hairstyle. The hair is long and messy so you have to convey that with your drawing. The bangs is probably that only neat thing on his head. Once the flaming like   


Here we will draw in the face starting with the sleepy looking eyes. The lids are halfway shut and the pupils are colored in. Draw a straight line for the mouth, followed by some troll style teeth.


All you have to do here is draw out the boxy shape of the body as well as draw in his legs. The arms should be next, then you can proceed to step five.


Lastly, draw the feet or shoes, then the belt or shot line. You will add the detailing on his shirt, then draw out the hand. Erase the mistakes and guidelines you made throughout the lesson.


Here is Gamzee now that you are all done. Color him in then show folks or other fans of Homestuck your work.

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March 3, 2013

Description: So some of you may recognize this figure from the webcomic created, written, and animated by Andrew Hussie. It was published on MS Paint Adventures, and it's become quite popular over the past years. The character that we will be getting a lesson on is a troll, and his name is Gamzee. Someone asked me if I could make a few lessons on some of the characters from the comic so I did. Drawing Gamzee will be fun, creative and super easy. After you are done with the lesson you’ll be thinking to yourself that drawing trolls was a lot easier than you thought. Gamzee has black hair, yellowish orange horns, and he wears all black with purple sneakers. Don’t hesitate to tackle this tut folks, I know you will have a blast.

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