How to Draw Aradia Megido, Homestuck, Aradia Megido

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You will begin by drawing the circle or the head, then draw in the facial guidelines.


Next, sketch out the shape of her face, then draw in her parted hair which will ultimately frame her face.


Draw out the oblong shaped eyes, then color in the pupils. Add some lashes, then draw her mouth.


Let's get started with drawing the body. Do this by drawing the arms, then draw the outline of her torso. Add the hand, then you can proceed to step five.


Here you will draw in her feet or shoes, then draw the bottom lining for the shirt which has a notch. Draw the Aries symbol, then move to step six.


Next and lastly draw Aradia's hairstyle which is long and a bit wavy. Draw the shapes of her twisted style horns, then add detailing to them. When you are happy with the drawing you can erase the mistakes.


Here is what your Homestuck figure looks like now that you are all done. Color her in and be on your way to try something else new out. great work people.

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March 9, 2013

Description: Okay guys, ever since I uploaded those two lessons on the Homestuck characters, I have been getting requests for me to make more. So here is "how to draw Aradia Megido", step by step. This figure from the we comic series is a troll. She is dark in color but has a very vibrant shade if that makes any sense. She is thirteen years old in Earth years, but on her own planet she is six. Her personality is described as being very vocal as well as very gifted. She has the ability to hear the dead talk and she has been doing so since she was very young. Aradia wears an all-black ensemble with the Aries zodiac symbol on the front of her shirt. She also has horns that curl and are orange in color. Her bad posture makes her even more mysterious, but even so, you will never get to know the true self of this Homestuck star. I will be back in a bit, for now have fun drawing Aradia. Adios people and enjoy.

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