How to Draw Jumpy Ghostface

Artist: Dawn / September 30, 2010

Step 1.

Start by making an egg shape for the head, and then add the guidelines for the face, and ears. You will lastly draw in the odd shape for his body too.

Step 2.

Next, begin sketching out the actual shape of his head, and then add the slanted brow lines for his eyes. This will give Jumpy that mean, crazed look on his face.

Step 3.

Now draw out the large squared topped ears, and then add his scar like so. You will also draw out the eye shapes too.

Step 4.

Add some small detailing inside of his ears, and then some bold coloring. When that is done you can draw the eyeballs, and then draw the teeth that is going to look much better once the area is blackened. Lastly for this step, all you have to do is d   

Step 5.

This is your last drawing step. Here you will make his rounded arms, and then add some finger lines too. Color in the eyes leaving only a white dot for the eyeballs. Color in the mouth area too. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clea   

Step 6.

When you are all done, this is how your Hero:108 character looks. All you need now is add him with his partner, Lin Chung. I hope you had fun drawing another awesome character from the series Hero: 108 which can be seen on Cartoon Network.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 30, 2010
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Description: Remember when I did some of the characters from the animated cartoon series ‘Hero: 108'? Well, I received some requests asking if I could do more of the main characters. So for my second lesson, I will be teaching you "how to draw Jumpy Ghostface", step by step. Now even though I have never watched the show yet, I have to say that Ghostface is one cool looking character. He sort of reminds me of the figures from Happy Tree Friends down to the last carrot. Anyways, Jumpy Ghostface used to be leader of the Rabbit Tribe. Now the reason why Jumpy joined the First Squad is because he was beaten during a jump-rope battle with Lin Chung. Even though he doesn’t speak a word of the human language, he makes up for his inability by being one of the most courageous fighters that the Squad has. He jumps head first into any sticky situation, and he is full of confidence when he dives in. His trusted weapon of choice is a jump-rope, but he will also use carrots as a weapon as well. One of the reasons why he is a white bunny with black colored ears is because Jumpy will sometimes wrap his ears around his face making what you would call a ninja mask to hide his identity. Jumpy is an awesomely fun character from Hero: 108 and I think you will have a blast drawing him out. Okay, I’m done. I will now leave you to this lesson, and hopefully this tutorial is going to do you justice when you attempt to draw Jumpy Ghostface from Hero: 108. I shall return people so stay tuned in.