How to Draw Jo, Jo, Total Drama Revenge of the Island


Like the other three tutorials on the Total Drama figures, you will start this step out the very same way. Draw a circle for the base of the head shape and then add the guides for the face as well as the rest of the body.


Jo also has a very blocky shaped head which almost looks like Frankenstein's. Once this is done draw the neck and make sure that the ends in back of the body or neck is serrated.


I know what you're thinking, "is this a guy or a girl"? I admit at this point Jo is looking mighty manly. This is because of her thick, dark eyebrows you have to draw in and then the large eyes which don't even appear to be feminine. Draw the nose an   


She looks a little better with hair right? Oh well, just draw in the a swift line that will make the parted long bangs like so, and then draw out the shape of her ear. The hair is tucked behind her ear as you can see so be sure to get that drawn out.   


Let's get her sweater drawn in starting with the hood. It starts off straight lined and then flops down behind her back. Draw the arms, and then the rest of her torso as well as the waist line.


Simply draw out one hand that is in a gesture pose, and then draw the front pocket to her sweater as well as the cuff detailing at the end of her sleeve.


Next up, draw out the entire outlined shape of the lower half of her body which is the hips, and legs. She is wearing sweat pants which means the legs will appear a bit wide. Draw the ties for her adjustable waist band.


Finally, let's finish Jo off by making a parting line down the middle of her legs and then draw in her feet and or sneakers. Erase all the messed up lines as well as visible guides to clean up the drawing.


Even though Jo is a tomboy, she is still going to be an interesting character of the show. Color her in and you are all done.

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August 5, 2011

Description: Another new face that you will be seeing in the new Total Drama series and instead of being a boy, this time you will draw a female contestant. Who or what is this lesson on? I will be showing you "how to draw Jo", step by step. Jo is going to be another athletic addition to the new roster of characters. There is literally no information on her whatsoever which means this tutorial description will have to be updated as soon as the new season of Total Drama has been running for a couple of weeks. I can tell you that if she is going to be an athletic female, that means she is going to be as tough as nails. As you can see, Jo kind of looks like a tomboy if you really look at her and how she dresses. She wears a dark gray sweat suit, and her hair is blonde but her color is really dull. I can already see someone asking if they can give her a makeover, or at least I would ask if I was there with her. That is about it guys, I will meet you back here in a few with more stuff to tackle and draw. Peace out people!

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