How to Draw Total Drama Island

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You will start by drawing a series of lines which will form a square box that houses guidelines for the letters.


Here you will start drawing out the outline of the three initials of T.D.I. The lining is supposed to look rugged, and sharp.


Now you will draw out the graffiti like letters that spells out the word "Total". Once this is done, you can move to the next step.


Welcome to the last drawing step. As you can see all you have to do is draw out the words Drama Island like you see here. Just take your time, and you should be able to draw out the letters just like you see it here. Erase all the guidelines you drew   


Here is what your graffiti letters and words look like when you are all done. Now you just have to color them in like you see the letters on the show. I hope you had fun, join me again for another exciting lesson.

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August 5, 2010

Description: The fun never stops when you visit, and become a member here at I am going to be submitting another neat tutorial, but this time it's going to be on letters that spell a name of a certain cartoon series that airs on Cartoon Network. The show is called TDI, and it stars characters like Izzy, Gwen, and Duncan. Today, I will show you “how to draw Total Drama Island”, step by step. I knew right away when the series came out that it was going to become a big hit. Each camp member has their own personality which makes them unique in every way. I had fun drawing out the letters, and getting them right the first time was impossible for me to do. It actually took me a few attempts before I got it right. I looked at the letters from a reference picture to help guide me through the drawing ordeal. The big letters in the background is the initials of the series name, and on top of those three letters, TDI, the words Total Drama Island is spelled out. I laid out the instructions or steps to be as easy as possible which is why I think you will have fun drawing this series logo, especially if you are a big fan of the show. Anyways, that is all I have to say about these letters, I mean it's not like I'm writing a description on a particular character right? Well, I have to bounce on out of here so I can upload some really cool lessons I drew yesterday. Stick around because I know you will love what I have in store. Adiós amigos, and have a happy drawing day!

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