How to Draw a Peacock for Kids

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Draw two shapes, one for the head like so, and another for the body. Attach the two with a neck line and then add a face guide.


Using the guidelines that you drew in step one, draw out the actual shape of the head, neck, and some of the body like so. Draw in the simple looking beak which is shaped like a tooth.


Using the one face guide you made in step one, draw out the almond shaped eye, and then draw in a thick upper lid, and then draw in the four feathers that makes up the crown. Add some detailing on the eye and then on the beak.


Next, you will draw out the legs which are chunky, and two toed. They are also perfectly stuck together so be sure to draw them in this way because it is the most simplest way to draw out the peacock's legs.


Draw out the entire outline of the peacock's tail which is shaped like a great big cloud that is attached to the back end of the body.


For the last step draw in the lines that will make individual feathers and end up looking like a crown. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up this drawing.


Now that you have finished this drawing on how to draw a peacock for kids, you can add the patterns on each feather, and then have fun coloring in your bird.

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August 5, 2011

Description: I think I’m going to make it a habit to upload at least two lessons a day on some really cool animals to add to the ‘for kids’ category. Having said that, what do you say that we all learn "how to draw a peacock for kids", step by step. These decadent birds are one of the most beautiful animal species belonging to the bird family. What makes them so amazing or beautiful is the way their feathery, colorful tails expand into a fan like shape. Only male peacocks have colorful designs and markings on their tail feathers. A peacock’s tail is where the expression came from when you hear someone say “are you peacocking”? The bird design came out fabulous and I think that you guys will agree that drawing a peacock for kids is going to be a whole lot easier than following a lesson on an original type of peacock. Remember guys, fresh ideas for animals can be requested. I know there are more critters that you would like to see drawn in kid form. Have a happy drawing day, and don’t forget to be as vivid as possible when coloring in your new bird which also happens to be a very cute one at that.

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