How to Draw Scott, Scott, Total Drama Revenge of the Island

How to Draw Scott, Scott, Total Drama Revenge of the Island
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Draw a head shape for Scott, and then draw in the facial guides as well as the guides for the body.


Sketch out the shape of Scott's head and face like you see here and notice how the neck is long, and the shin is sort of sunken in looking. There should be some spikes on the head and the ear should be drawn in as well.


Draw out the hair line and then sketch out the sideburns. Add some detailing inside of the ear, and then draw out the lining that will shape out the beard or goatee.


Draw out the eyebrows, and then sketch in the shapes of the oblong eyes which have a very mean expression. Add the pupils, and then draw in a dash for the mouth.


Sketch out the collar bones, and then draw in the necklace along with the pendant attached to it.


Sketch out the entire length of Scott's body like so, and be sure to draw the muscle shirt sleeves. The ends of the pants should be wrinkled like an accordion.


Draw the bottom of the tee tucked into the belt buckle of his pants. Draw the pockets, zipper, and then a separation line for the legs. Draw the feet and add the lines for his flip flops.


You are almost done now that you have reached step eight. Draw in the thick shaped arm and then draw out the hand which is straight lined.


Draw out the other arm and hand like so, and then begin cleaning up your drawing so you can color him in.


Here is what the finished drawing looks like now that you are all done. It is now time to color Scott in and be on your way.

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August 4, 2011

Alright guys, now that I’m already starting another tutorial day, I thought I would do something different, and on a character from the TDI cartoon series. Today we will be on a quest that shows us "<strong>how to draw Scott</strong>", step by step, from Total Drama Island Revenge of the Island. He’s a new character toward Total Drama Island which means there is hardly any information on him whatsoever. When I run into problems like this, I usually shut up and just proceed on with the tutorial since I don’t even have a clue as to who Scott is. I do know bits and pieces from articles and forum conversations. What I’ve learned is that Scott’s one of those guys that acts tough and even sometime mean. He’s about six feet tall, and has blonde hair, and a snotty expression on his face, and to me he sort of looks like a bully, but who knows how his personality really is. For now I can show you an easy way to "<em>draw Scott</em>", and if you like this lesson, just let me know some other characters you would like to see submitted on Dragoart. I will be back with my last submission gang, so bear in there with me.

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