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How to Draw Deadpool

Artist: Dawn / December 28, 2009
How to Draw Deadpool

Step 1.

Let's start drawing Deadpool shall we? Start with a circle for Wade Wilson's head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the shapes of his torso, arms, legs, and then his hands. Once you are done with this step move to the next dr   

Step 2.

Now you can start sketching out Deadpool's head, and face mask which includes his eyes. After that you can then sketch out the shape of his neck, and then the shoulders.

Step 3.

Sketch out the biceps and then start sketching the chest muscles and then the shape of his torso and or rib cage. Move to the next drawing step.

Step 4.

Draw more of Deadpool's arms which is the forearms, and then add some muscle definition. You will then draw the cuffs of his gloves and then start sketching out the shape of his hands. Lastly, you will now draw out the outline of his utility belt tha   

Step 5.

Add some good definition and detailing to Deadpool's shoulders and then start the lining for the marking designs on his suit. Once that is done you can sketch out the rest of his hands, and then draw the shape of his famous swords. Be sure to draw th   

Step 6.

Sketch out the face mask in more detail, and then add more muscle definition to his abs and or stomach. Add definition and detail to his arms and then draw the flaps to his utility belt pockets. Next sketch out the shape of Deadpool's muscular legs a   

Step 7.

You are already almost done. All you have to do here is sketch out the calf, and the muscles that go with it.

Step 8.

All you will do here is add some shading to Deadpool's body and then you are done. Be sure to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one before you start adding the shading to his body. Once you are done here move to the next line    

Step 9.

You are now done with this tutorial on "how to draw Deadpool, step by step". Color him in and you have just drawn yourself a wicked cool character from the Comic book world!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 28, 2009
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Description: X-Men origins was one of the best Marvel movies that I have ever watched along with “The Punisher”. What I wasn't expecting to see was a very cool and impressive character that was part of the same organization that Wolverine was apart of. The organization was lead by William Stryker and it was called "Team X". Having said all that I did, it is now time to tell you who you will be receiving a lesson on today. I will show you "how to draw Deadpool, step by step”. His real name is “Wade Wilson” and he is not an old Marvel character like our favorites, Wolverine, and Beast. His character was created in 1991 by an artist named “Rob Liefeld”. He was written into his first comic debut with issue number ninety eight called “New Mutants”. Wade Wilson, or “Deadpool”, started out as being a mercenary. The background for this character is basically unknown. What is known about Wade is that his mother died of cancer, and his father was an abusive caretaker. After a gun indecent, Deadpool started his mercenary career when he was still a teenager. He would accept all kinds of assassination jobs, and with the ones he failed at, he would get reconstructive plastic surgery until he was totally disfigured. In the end he was a mental mess with no face. He wore his signature suit that was colored black and red. His mutant abilities is almost similar to that of Wolverine. Deadpool has the ability to heal himself at superhuman speeds no matter what type of damage is inflicted onto him. He can grow back limbs that have been cut or blown off, as well as heal vital organs like his liver, lungs, kidney, and so forth. Of course the speed of recovery is totally determined by the severity of the womb. The more serious the injury, the longer it will take to regenerate. One of the coolest techniques Deadpool is known for is his master swordsmanship. He is absolutely amazing with swords, and knives. Not only is Deapool an expert in multiple forms of martial arts, he is also a superb marksmen. In the movie Wolverine:X-Men Origins, Deadpool is seen dodging bullets from every direction with his famous swords. I drew this character live yesterday and I enjoyed all the help and advice that you all gave me. I will now submit this lesson so that you too can learn “how to draw Deadpool, step by step”. I will be back with one more lesson, in the mean time have fun with Deadpool. Peace out peeps, and happy drawing!