How To Draw Jenny XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot

Artist: xXMedicGirlXx / May 6, 2010

Step 1.

Start out with the blue guidelines as shown here. First a circle for the head, the two lines for her "bows" and the middle line with the limbs.

Step 2.

Her head wraps around the circle with a semi-sharp mouth area. There are two small circles before her "bows" begin and her neck and torso are pretty small.

Step 3.

Her arms go out along the guidelines from earlier. They are basic shapes of rectangles and circles. Finish the stomach area and the bottom 'skirt' part next. These should reach right below the waistline shown in blue.

Step 4.

We're getting there! Now draw in both of her legs, which touch and are both really pointed and curved triangles.

Step 5.

Erase all the blue guidelines and now we can begin to add in some of her defining features. The eyes are just ovals and the lines on her body are wiggly.

Step 6.

And here you go! You're done! Now you know how to draw Robot Jenny XJ9 from "My Life as a Teenage Robot!" I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! ^__^

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Artist: xXMedicGirlXx
Date Added: May 6, 2010
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Description: Hello all! I haven't done a decent tutorial in a while, so I figured why not get going again! Here's Robot Jenny XJ9 from that children's show that debuted a few years ago called "My Life as A Teenage Robot." It's not my best, but I hope you all enjoy it!