How To Draw Jeff Gordon, Jeff Gordon


To draw the champion speed demon Jeff Gordon, you should first start by laying down some basic construction lines. Use a 2H or harder pencil to lightly sketch a stick figure shape with the arms crossed. Be sure to draw lightly so that the lines are e   


Next, it's best to sketch the basic human form before drawing details or clothing. This will help ensure that the figure is proportionate before we add these things. You do not need to draw details such as facial features or hair, but be sure to draw   


Now we can begin working on the details of the figure. Let's start with the face. Draw the eyes along your middle construction line. Remember that the eyes are about one eye width apart from one another and don't forget his thick eyebrows. Draw the n   


When not wearing a racing helmet, Gordon often wears a baseball cap. Baseball caps are built in sections. A large section should be visible in the front of the cap and two smaller sections should be visible on the sides. The bill of the cap should ha   


Finish the head by drawing the ears and hair. The tops of the ears should align with the eyebrows, the bottoms of the ears should align with his upper lip. Draw small sideburns on either side of the head, as well as tuffs of hair behind the ears. Fin   


Draw the upper part of his jacket. The collar should be circular and wrap loosely around his neck. Draw a series of vertical wrinkles and folds in the chest material of the jacket.


Moving on to the right arm, draw it bent at a 90 degree angle with the hand tucked out of sight. The sleeve of the jacket should have many wrinkles and folds in it, especially around the inner elbow.


Now draw the left arm tucked beneath the right arm. Again, draw a lot of wrinkles.


Finish the contours of the figure by drawing the left edge of the jacket and a few folds beneath the arms.


These NASCAR drivers are practically walking billboards. Their outfits are adorned with logos from corporate sponsors. At first glance, the idea of drawing all the logos can seem like a daunting task. But if you split them up and do one section of th   


The torso is filled with logos and emblems. Draw them close together, leaving no room for extra logos. There are logos from companies such as Pepsi, Chevy, Goodyear, and of course DuPont. They should mold to the folds and wrinkles of the jacket.


Draw a few more logos on the upper sleeves of the jacket. You can either leave the lower sleeves empty, or if you want to make things really interesting, you can large flames to the sleeves as seen here.


Now that we are done penciling the image, ink it using either Micron markers or a brush and India ink. Be patient and make sure not to go over any unneeded construction lines. After the ink has dried, erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser. Yo   


Fill in the sleeves of the jacket and the front of the cap with black. You can also give the image more depth by adding shadow to the image. Shade the area of his face beneath the bill of the cap. Also shade the side of his nose and beneath his jaw.    


If you need to make any corrections feel free to use white ink or opaque white paint. And that's how you draw Jeff Gordon! Congrats, you've past the finish line!

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May 3, 2013

Description: Learn to draw Jeff Gordon, the king of NASCAR, in a comic book style. Go #24!

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