How To Draw Jeff Gordons Car 24

Artist: MichaelY / May 3, 2013

Step 1.

To draw Jeff Gordon's super-fast Chevrolet Impala stock car we should first lay down some basic construction lines. Use a 2H or harder pencil and sketch very lightly so that the marks are easy to erase later on. Sketch a large, 3 dimensional rectangl   

Step 2.

Start drawing the car from the front end, and work back from there. Draw the bumper and grill of the car. It should rest low to the ground and have 2 small lights on either side of the grill. The bumper should wrap around the front end. The left side   

Step 3.

Next, draw the hood of the car. It should have a smooth curve to it as it extends from the bumper all the way back to the location of the front windshield. Use a flex curve to help draw the smooth lines if you have one. There should be two lines runn   

Step 4.

Now draw the side of the car and the small portion of the rear end that is visible from our perspective. Be sure to draw the front and rear wheel wells. The front wheel well should rest directly beneath the middle of the engine compartment, the rear    

Step 5.

Draw the roof of the cab and front edge of the windshield. This should be one continuous line starting from the far point of the upper hood and ending above the rear wheel well.

Step 6.

Insert the windshield and side windows. The side windows each have 5 sides and mirror each other, but the rear window is smaller than the front.

Step 7.

Add in the safety net in the front window. You can also draw some of the interior such as the driver's seat and interior paneling. Draw streaks on the glass of the windshield and rear window.

Step 8.

Draw the miscellaneous details of the car such as the headlights, gas-cap in the rear, and the straight spoiler on the back end of the car. Notice how the headlights are angled downward on the insides and you can see the shape of the bulbs behind the   

Step 9.

Drawing the tires can a bit tricky if you want to give them proper size and dimension. To do it properly, draw squares in the location of the tires. Then draw an X from corner to corner inside each square. Then, but using the intersection point of th   

Step 10.

To draw the actual circle, draw the lines of the circle through the points where the inner X meets the sides and tops of the squares. This will create properly proportionate circles.

Step 11.

To finish the tires, simply draw the bottom of the tire with a single line that disappears beneath the car. Then draw the bottom edge of the inner wheel well behind the front tire.

Step 12.

Draw the rims in the center of each tire. Draw the bearing cap with several lug nuts surrounding it in the middle of the rim. The rims should have many arms protruding from the lug nuts outwards and holding the tires in place.

Step 13.

Drawing the countless decals and corporate logos that fill the car from top to bottom can seem overwhelming when you first look at it. But if you break the car into sections and just do one section at a time it's no problem at all. Let's first draw t   

Step 14.

Now make your way to the front end of the vehicle. Draw the large DuPont logo on the hood, which is in the shape of an oval and has the company name inside it. Draw a rainbow arching above the DuPont emblem. Draw the Chevrolet logo on the nose with t   

Step 15.

The draw the decals down the side of the car, such as the Pepsi logo, Lays chips logo, another DuPont logo with rainbow, and various other smaller decals all over the place. These cares a like billboards on wheels!

Step 16.

The last corporate logo that needs to be drawn is the Goodyear logo on each tire.

Step 17.

Now you can ink illustration with a brush and ink or Micron markers. It's a good idea to use a ruler and a flex curve to get nice, clean lines. Once the ink is dry, erase the pencil marks with a kneaded eraser. You can add shine streaks to the window   

Step 18.

To add a greater sense of depth and dimension, shade the vehicle as you see fit. It’s a good idea to shade in the wheel wells, windows, and the grill. Also black out the necessary logo decals on the car, such as the shadow behind the number 24 and    

Step 19.

If you need to make any corrections, use white ink or opaque white paint. You can also use it to add streaks to the windows. And that's how you draw car 24, driven by Jeff Gordon. You get the gold!

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