How to Draw Imperfect Cell

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Make a circle for the head then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the guide you just made, begin drawing out the actual structure of Cell's head. As you can see his head is drawn in two parts. This is the top half of the head with two horns or pitched points. Sketch in the brow, then move to step two.


Start drawing the lower half of Cell's face which is very skeletal like as far as shape goes. There is a covering over the area where the mouth would be.


Add the embedded lines across the area where the mouth and nose is, then sketch in the eyes, and all of the detailing and definition on the face. Draw an ear and then you can proceed to step five.


You are almost done, in fact by the time you are done with this step you will be done drawing Cell. Sketch out the shape of his neck, then draw the broad shoulders, cape lining and then the embedded long diamond shape at the center of the forehead. D   


Add the speckles and spots which vary in size and shape.


You are now ready to color Imperfect cell in. Once you are done you can show off your work.

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January 10, 2014

Description: This goes out to all of you DBZ fans out there who have been waiting a long while to see a new Dragon Ball Z character lesson uploaded on Dragoart. I haven't made any lesson on any figure from DBZ for so long, I can't believe I took to the sketch so warmly. Here is "how to draw Imperfect Cell", step by step. Imperfect Cell saga basically follows Cell in his attempts to consume or adsorb androids 17 and 18. The saga also follows the Z Fighters as they work hard to try and stop Imperfect Cell from being successful. I had a lot of fun making this lesson it brought back a lot of old memories. I do hope you enjoy drawing Imperfect Cell because he came out awesome.

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