How to Draw Tate from American Horror Story, Evan Peters


Let's begin as we always do, a head guide and then some facial guidelines.


We will now begin sketching out Tate's facial structure like so, and at the top of the head sketch in the hair lining to prepare the style for later. He has a combed back style.


We can start using the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of the eyes which are painted on the face in a skeletal manner. The brows should also be prominent.


Begin sketching out the shape of the skeletal style nose, then draw in the actual shapes of Tate's eyes using the facial guidelines. Once that is done you can draw in the mouth, angel's bow above his lip line and then a small indent for the chin.


Around the mouth take your time as you sketch out the entire outline of the skeletal teeth. Try and do this as neatly as possible because this is considered face painting. Add the detailing to create the teeth, then proceed to step six.


Add darkened shading around the corners of the mouth to make Tate's face look sunken in and more like a skull. You will then begin detailing the nose, around the eyes, and sketch in the eyebrows which are lightly drawn in because they aren't that bol   


You are almost done with drawing Tate from American Horror Story. You will now finish sketching out his combed back hairstyle and be sure to add all the detailing to the hair. Sketch in the ears, then you are done here.


Draw the simple shape of his neck, then sketch in the shirt collar for his suit that he almost always wears.


All you have to do now is carefully draw in the neck bone in skeletal form in the center of his neck, then sketch in the muscle and tendon tissue that is stretched across the neck. Erase those mistakes before you go.


When all is said and done this is how Tate looks when you are satisfied with your work. Now you have to spend more time as you add some color to the drawing.

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January 10, 2014

Description: This tutorial goes out to all you AHS fans out there that have been asking me to do a tut on "how to draw Tate from American Horror Story", step by step. I have to say, I too am a fan of the series. I think it's raw, provocative, ruthless and full of craziness as all the characters back stab one another either by hurting each other on purpose, or just because they are evil like that. My favorite figure is also Tate, I love his style and personality on the series so I guess you could say that this lesson is for me too. I hope you guys have a blast drawing one of the more popular character on American Horror Story. Imagine if you where haunted by the dead in such a violent manner?

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