How to Draw Bulma and Vegeta Kissing, Dragon Ball Z

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 16, 2014

Step 1.

We're going to start with bases for both of their heads. Two circles with a line going through them an an oval on each for where the ear will be. Lines coming down from each for the necks.

Step 2.

On the left we're going to have Bulma. We're going to start by drawing in the shape of her profile, drawing the nose, mouth, chin and neck.

Step 3.

Then we'll put in Vegeta's profile, hiding his nose behind hers, drawing in his lower lip, chin and neck.

Step 4.

Then we'll draw in both of their jawlines, ears and the details of their neck.

Step 5.

From there we'll draw in their eyes. Since they're kissing we'll have them closed. Vegeta also has a line to show his temple and a line under his eye.

Step 6.

Then we'll go back over the Bulma and draw in her hair.

Step 7.

And then back over to Vegeta to do the same for him, drawing in his hair.

Step 8.

To tie it all together, we're going to draw a heart around them, going behind their hair.

Step 9.

And that is how you draw Bulma and Vegeta kissing.

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Artist: PuzzlePieces
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Description: Here is another anime tutorial for you, this time for drawing a very specific anime couple. This tutorial is on drawing Bulma and Vegeta, from Dragon Ball Z, kissing. This is a quick tutorial and in just a few short steps you'll have your own picture.