How to Draw Pokemon Finn and Jake


Let's start with making the guides for the heads and bodies. Both are similar shapes as you can see here.


We will work on Finn first. Draw or define the shape of his head, then draw in the strap for his backpack.


All you have to do here is draw a circle for the opening of Finn's hood.


Color in two eyes, draw out a very wide open mouth, then add some teeth and a tongue.


Next, start drawing Finn's torso starting with the jacket, arm, and gloved hand. His jacket is open instead of zippered.


Draw Finn's other arm and hand, then move to step seven.


Add the detailing to the jacket and when you do this add a slit for his pockets.


Draw the rest of Finn's backpack, then draw the bottom lining for the shirt.


Draw in the rest of Finn's body so you can get started with drawing Jake. This includes the legs, shoes and cuffs on his jeans.


Now we can work on Jake. Draw two thick lined eyes, then draw Jake's jowls or snout.


Draw the Pikachu style ears and make markings on the tips of each ear.


Color a nose, then draw out Jake's mouth and fill it with teeth and a tongue. Don't forget to add the circle on his cheek.


Almost done people. We will now draw the body which is also in Pikachu style. The hand and feet are smaller then the body.


Draw Pikachu's Jake's tail just like you would the real deal, then proceed to step fifteen.


Draw Jake's hand, then add the stripes on the back like so. I suppose you can erase the mistakes because Jake is all done.


Lastly, draw the Pokeball and you are done once you do.


Now is the time to have some even more fun as you color in these two characters.

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January 10, 2014

Description: How about another cross over tutorial using the same faces I used for the Link and Navi lesson a week ago. Today I will show you "how to draw Pokemon Finn and Jake", step by step. Obviously Finn is taking the place of Ash Ketchum, and Jake the dog is taking the place of the adorable Pikachu. This was so fun to create, but yet I had some choices to make when it came to the coloring and additions. I wanted to keep Finn looking like himself while adding some additions to mimic the look of Ash. It wasn't hard because all I had to do is draw some jeans on Finn and give him a jacket. Jake was easy, all I had to do there was give him some pointed ears, a thunderbolt shaped tail, and some brown stripes on the back. All in all it should be doable for all you novice artists out there, and a breeze for those of you who have some skills. I shall return because I do have one more lesson going up. Adios and have fun drawing Pokemon Finn and Jake.

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